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Stage plan overview

The Tour de Suisse 2015 kicks off with an exciting weekend in Risch-Rotkreuz. The following stages see the tour entourage travel via Ticino and Grisons to the Rettenbach glacier in Sölden, Austria. The second half of the tour travels through the Swiss Plateau and French-speaking Switzerland, and concludes with the final weekend in Berne. We look forward to an exciting, varied Tour de Suisse with some fantastic sport and beautiful photos.

DayDateStageStartFinishStage profil
Saturday13. Jun 151. StageRisch-RotkreuzRisch-RotkreuzProlog
Sunday14. Jun 152. StageRisch-RotkreuzRisch-RotkreuzCircuit
Monday15. Jun 153. StageQuintoOlivone
Tuesday16. Jun 154. StageFlims Laax FaleraSchwarzenbach SG
Wednesday17. Jun 155. StageUnterterzen/FlumserbergSölden/RettenbachgletscherMountain stage
Thursday18. Jun 156. StageWil SGBiel/Bienne
Friday19. Jun 157. StageBiel/BienneDüdingen
Saturday20. Jun 158. StageBernBernCircuit
Sunday21. Jun 159. StageBernBernIndividual time-trial