GROSSWANGEN - a quiet village with rural charm.

Grosswangen lies in the Rottal valley, in the heart of the Canton of Lucerne, nestled between two ranges of hills and surrounded by beautiful countryside with magnificent views of the distant mountains. It is characterised by the surrounding rural hamlets with their picturesque farmhouses and the striking church of St. Konrad, in the centre of the village.

Apart from its numerous farms, Grosswangen is also home to various specialist companies, as well as several small and medium-sized businesses of regional and national importance. Due to its position in the centre of the country, many locations in Switzerland are within easy reach in a very short time.

Grosswangen boasts a variety of clubs providing sporting, musical and cultural events and activities, generating a valuable contribution to an active village life. It is also in the centre of an extensive network of footpaths and cycle tracks through woods and fields, offering a wide range of recreational opportunities for walkers, hikers and cyclists. Grosswangen - a living village with an excellent quality of life.

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