Etappenort Champagne

Champagne is a pleasant and friendly village in the northern Jura district in the Canton of Vaud (5 minutes from Yverdon-les-Bains). Situated below the wooded foothills of the Jura and overlooking the delightful shores of the Lake of Neuchâtel, flanked by vines and fields, it offers visitors fine views of its pretty bell towers and attractive country-style houses.

Champagne has a population of 1,057 lively and entrepreneurial inhabitants. Artisans, farmers, winegrowers, retailers, restaurateurs, office workers or members of local societies reflect the prosperity and reputation of the village and its region. Champagne’s products, especially wines and foodstuffs, have made its reputation.

The peaceful but determined resistance of Champagne in the face of those all-powerful bodies elsewhere who are lucky enough to share its name but claim to monopolise it, has contributed to its popularity.

The inhabitants and authorities of Champagne are happy to host a stage of the Tour de Suisse in their village, and invite you to come and celebrate the event.