AMDEN - sun terrace overlooking Lake Walensee

The small but refined mountain village of Amden towers high above Lake Walen at an elevation of almost 1,000 metres above sea level. The entire municipality extends from Lake Walensee up to almost the valley floor of the Toggenburg. Its population of close to 1,800 lives embedded between the Mattstock and Leistkamm.The area surrounding Amden boasts numerous unique natural spectacles. The upland moor at Hintere Höhi - the largest and most attractive of its kind in eastern Switzerland - is, together with numerous hiking paths and beautiful panoramic vistas, a popular excursion destination. The gem of Betlis on Lake Walensee features the thundering waterfalls of the Seerenbach together with the spring Rinquelle. These waterfalls are among the highest in Switzerland. Another spectacular treat of Amden is its romantic winter wonder landscape. Conviviality is the key here, both on and off the slopes.