WEESEN - placid village on the Riviera of Lake Walensee

The romantic village of Weesen is situated directly on the shores of the fjord-like Lake Walensee. The municipality has a population of almost 1,600. Renowned for its mild climate, Weesen gives the impression of being in the Mediterranean south. Vines characterise the picture of the hillside above the village centre and numerous paths meander through the surrounding hills and forests.

The deep-blue Lake Walensee and the surrounding mountains make Weesen the perfect place for a holiday. Lake and mountains form a unique panorama for active individuals. Weesen is also the point of departure for popular hikes and boat rides on Lake Walensee. The lake promenade of the village with views of the fountain in the harbour invites guests to stroll and linger. Dominicans have lived at the abbey Maria Zuflucht, the oldest of its kind in Switzerland, since as early as 1256.