Aqua Blue Sport (ABS) - Wildcard

Rick Delaney is an Irish businessman who lives in Monaco. In 2017, he founded the Pro-Continental team Aqua Blue Sport. Unlike other wealthy cycling fans, he’s not seeking traditional patronage for his team but instead hoping that it will be self-sustaining in the very near future.

Aqua Blue Sport enters the Tour de Suisse for the first time thanks to a wild card. The team’s colour is dark blue and its jersey sports a large golden A along with a golden shamrock on the chest, Ireland’s unofficial national emblem. Legend has it that St Patrick used the three-leaf clover to explain the holy trinity to the Celtic king Laoghaire. The three leaves were said to symbolise the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

Aqua Blue Sport is made up of three racers from Ireland, four from the UK, three Australians, two Dutch, one American and one Austrian. It’s likely that there’s a big red circle around the Tour de Suisse dates on the calendar of Stefan Denifl of Austria, considering that he won the Tour de Suisse mountain prize category in 2015 when he was still racing in the colours of IAM Cycling. He is also expected to have his sights set on mountain stages again this year.