Kids Challenge

The little ones will be first to the finish. On six of the stages, 3- to 5-year-olds on balance bikes will be invited to take part in a "sprint" in front of the massed spectators. The kids will ride the last 150 metres before the professionals reach the finish. Spurred on by the spectators, the little ones will reach the finish line of the Tour de Suisse to great celebration. It makes no difference where they finish – it's the experience that matters. Every participant will receive a bicycle bell as a souvenir!

There will be a limited number of balance bikes and helmets available for the kids to borrow. They can of course also take part on their own balanced bikes. Helmets must be worn. There will be no timing – taking part is all that counts. Finally on the Tour de Suisse winners' podium, there will be a group photo taken.         


On the day of the race, up to 90 minutes before the finish of the Tour de Suisse, at the Nimm2 Lachgummi tent in the Tour de Suisse village. Insurance is a matter for the participants and their parents.

(Kopie 2)