Bruno's Best

Bruno's Best

Dear Spectators, can we interest you in a freshly prepared salad with Bruno’s salad dressing before the cyclists arrive?

As a supplier sponsoring Switzerland’s largest cycling event, we have the pleasure of cultivating direct contact with our customers and promoting our products to them during the 9-day Tour de Suisse. At each year’s tour we hand out more than 20,000 salad portions with Bruno’s dressing to the spectators who, we are pleased to see, happily accept the healthy snack.

We promote our products both audibly and visually during the tour via the public address system and advertising on the promotional vehicle. This draws the attention of around one million spectators. The Tour de Suisse spans the whole of Switzerland, which means we can reach our customers all over the country. VIP guests are treated to Bruno’s salad dressings and Bruno’s herb butter at the buffet in the VIP tent. By sponsoring the most aggressive rider we were also able to ensure a strong advertising presence on TV during the last tour.

Most of all we are encouraged by all the enthusiastic spectators we get to meet every year at the Tour de Suisse.

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