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Whether highs or lows – SRF will be broadcasting all of the emotions of the Tour de Suisse 2016

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen will again be involved in the Tour de Suisse in 2016, bringing one of the greatest cycling races to Swiss TV screens. With two helicopters, four motorbikes and 25 cars, SRF (and the audience) will be hot on the heels of the riders, making each stage an amazing experience from 11-19 June 2016.  

Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen is again acting as the official host broadcaster of the biggest national professional cycling tour and will be showing the finish of all the stages live. Viewers will be treated to the most thrilling highlights and exciting background information on the tour.

SRF has been involved with this pinnacle of Swiss cycling since 1991. Back then, the Tour de Suisse was broadcast live for the first time to mark the 700th anniversary of the Swiss Confederation. Whereas in those days just one helicopter and two motorcycles were used for the production, today SRF has a huge team on location. Using a fixed-wing airplane, two helicopters, four motorbikes and 25 cars, the SRF crew travels right behind the cyclists to always bring viewers the latest pictures.

The Tour de Suisse is now SRF's largest annual live production which it plans with renewed enthusiasm and passion each year. Around 60-80 SRF employees are constantly at the heart of the action to ensure that both the spectators at the finishing line and the TV audience can follow the race as it happens.

Since the very first broadcast, SRF's aim has remained the same: to unite people beyond the language and cultural boundaries with this elite sporting event and enable them to experience the Tour de Suisse up close over more than 1,200 kilometres and 19,622 metres in altitude, right across Switzerland.