Team Roth (ROT) - Wildcard

Team Roth of Switzerland is receiving a wildcard invitation to the Tour de Suisse during its first year on the Pro Continental level. With this invitation, the tour organisers intend to give the Swiss team a new perspective and a motivational boost. It is also part of the Tour de Suisse strategy to support and advance Swiss cycling as a whole. Team Roth is based in Gerlafingen and is headed by Stefan Blaser, CEO of the Roth Group. 

The 23-person Team Roth includes nine Swiss members, some of whom will be on the starting line at the Tour de Suisse and will have the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere of this tour through Switzerland. Participants might include cyclists such as Martin Kohler, Tristan Marguet, Frank Pasche, Roland Thalmann, Valentin Baillifard or Dylan Page. Martin Kohler, a Walenstadt native, might certainly dare to make a break in his home territory on the 6th stage from Weesen to Amden. The young Swiss cyclist would like to take as active and visible part in the race as possible.