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Monday, 17.06.2019

3rd stage: Flamatt - Murten


The Community of Wuennewil-Flamatt is situated midway between Berne and Fribourg. Therefore, the east/western bypass of the Swiss Federal Railways as well as the Swiss motorway A12 are passing through the Communitys’ territory. This is one of the reasons why many companies and commercials established their business here. Commuters do like the advantages of the Communitys’ location too.

Its geographic location lies in the north-eastern corner of the District of Singine. Politically it is part of the German spoken region of the Canton of Fribourg and borders to the north on the Canton of Berne.

Wuennewil-Flamatt has 5 545 inhabitants (as of 31.12.2017) and covers an area of 1 322 ha.

Thanks to its good infrastructure and popular local recreation and leisure area alongside the banks of the river Sense makes Wuennewil-Flamatt an attractive and worth living Community.


Welcome to Murten

The picturesque Zähringer town with its well-preserved town wall, numerous towers, castle, stately town houses, arcades and fountains is situated in the beautiful region of Murten on the lake of the same name.

Life in this little town is really enjoyable thanks to the arcades, which invite you to shop and to linger. Due to its high quality of life, Murten has become an interesting place to live, a holiday destination and an attractive business location. In addition to its good infrastructure, Murten is also part of the Swiss public transportation system. Murten is aware of its importance as a cultural centre, and its German- and French-speaking schools have always enjoyed the reputation of progressive educational establishments.

Murten has plenty of outdoor activities. Whether you enjoy sports on land or water, Murten has something for you. The cultural offers throughout the year can hardly be more varied. We live in a culinary area where organic vegetables, excellent wines and many specialities are locally produced, and which our restaurants are pleased to transform into delicious meals.

In short – Being in Murten is a pleasure.