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The NEW Tour de Suisse Challenge

The world’s first amateur cycling event that covers the whole original race route of a professional cycling stage race.

The TdS Challenge gets a face-lifting! In the new format you will feel like a pro rider for one week. For eight days you cover the original race route of the Tour de Suisse. Every morning the participants will start in advance of the pro riders – catch me if you can – the ultimate challenge! The distance will be ridden in groups of 10 riders and every group has its own Road Coach, which will be former pro athletes. Very important: The NEW TdS Challenge is not a race anymore! However, you can compare yourself with the pros on several Strava segments. All this while riding the most beautiful roads all around Switzerland.

Check out all the services you will get during this extraordinary week of cycling.

Do you have any further questions regarding the NEW Tour de Suisse Challenge? Contact us at challenge(at)tds.ch


Video The NEW TdS Challenge

Watch the teaser of the NEW TdS Challenge...