45 Yamaha NIKEN for the Tour de Suisse
19. May 2022









The partnership between Yamaha and the Tour de Suisse has lasted for over 30 years now. For the event in 2022, the security service will again be provided with 45 Yamaha NIKEN to ensure that Switzerland’s most important cycling race will run smoothly.

The security service guarantees that the route will be without obstruction for the racers throughout the competition. Ten minutes before the cyclists reach each passage, the oncoming traffic will be stopped, traffic islands, roundabouts and other obstacles will be staffed with security personnel and other safety-relevant precautions will be taken. Five minutes before the racers pass, the road will be closed completely. To handle these challenges effectively, it is important to have the right vehicles. Because of their agility and powerful performance, motorcycles are an ideal solution.

As last year, the revolutionary Yamaha NIKEN will be used exclusively. This motorcycle has been topping off Yamaha’s sport touring model range since 2018. The exceptional three-wheel technology offers unparalleled cornering confidence. The sophisticated LMW system (leaning multi-wheel) was developed according to the Ackermann principle and ensures that the two front wheels are optimally positioned on the road, depending on lean angle and steering angle. The well-known CP3 in-line 3-cylinder motor with 847 cm3 provides sufficient propulsion and is also used in the bestselling models, such as the MT-09. With its powerful and linear torque this remarkable motor can be optimally adapted to the specific road conditions with different riding styles and the adjustable traction control.

In addition to the motorcycles, hostettler ag also provides its own iXS brand clothing to the entire security team. To make sure that the team members are familiar with their equipment when the race begins, they receive both clothing and motorcycles three weeks prior to the actual event. After all, by the time the Tour de Suisse kicks off, the response of the security team has to be routine.

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