A more sustainable Tour de Suisse with Quambio
27. April 2023









Since 2022 the Tour de Suisse has been working with the independent west-Swiss company Quambio. The Neuchâtel-based firm supports the Tour de Suisse in its effort to become more sustainable and achieve its goals going forward.

Trendsetting partnership
“Our vision is to become the most sustainable cycling race in the world,” says Tour de Suisse sustainability officer Mario Klaus. To this end the Tour de Suisse aims to halve its CO2 emissions by 2027 and tackle the goal of net zero in the years thereafter.

An analyses carried out together with Quambio during the last Tour de Suisse showed great potential in the area of sustainability improvement. “In order to be able to maximise this opportunity and achieve our sustainability goals, we needed the help of an external specialist. Taking measurements, developing targeted methods, implementing them professionally and then analysing the results – all this requires specialised know-how,” says Mario Klaus. For this reason Quambio and its expert Manuel Lonfat were brought on board. “By working closely with Quambio, the Tour de Suisse will become a leading example of sustainability in sports cycling. It is a unique opportunity for us to help make this race more sustainable for future generations,” says Manuel Lonfat.

Developing short- and long-term strategies
In addition to Manuel Lonfat’s expertise, Quambio also provides existing technical infrastructure which can be used for the implementation of preliminary measures. As an example, Mario Klaus refers to Quambio’s App: “With the help of the App, we are introducing a challenge for this year’s Tour de Suisse to motivate spectators to travel to the event by public transport or bicycle”.

In addition, other areas of activity such as the vehicle fleet, catering services and collaboration with the professional teams will be scrutinised in order to create best practice measures. “Besides gauging and setting targets, a crucial step is to understand the areas where emissions can be reduced. This reduction is our focus and we try to find practical ways to achieve it,” says expert Manuel Lonfat.

Over the coming weeks further steps will be presented on how the Tour de Suisse intends to become more sustainable.

About Quambio
Quambio is a Swiss company based in Neuchâtel that helps organisations achieve their sustainability goals. We have extensive experience in helping our clients with their sustainability strategy, involving their employees in the process and generating a genuine competitive edge.

The Quambio team is passionate about making change happen and is excited to learn more about your specific needs.

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