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3, 2, 1 ­­– Let’s ride! Soon the ACTYVO app will be available for download, and you can finally challenge your road cycling friends!

Pre-register now at and win attractive prizes.

The ACTYVO app makes it possible: Using the newly developed algorithm, cyclists can compare and race against each other worldwide, regardless of the geographical location or topography of the race track.

Therefore, you can make the whole world your own race track. The measured ride is then listed in a global ranking and thus connects cyclists from all countries.

The distance is defined in advance via the app. After the race, the completed altitude meters, time and performance of the race participants are measured. The result of the performance is in the unit “ACTYVOLTS”. The higher this value is, the better the performance and the better the ranking.

Use the ACTYVO app also as your personal coach. Your own performance is constantly measured and evaluated with the “training mode” in order to achieve the targeted best times.

Win-Win-Rides: In addition to the weekly challenges, there is a total prize money of EUR 20’000.- to be won every six months. In addition, there is a prize of EUR 10’000.- to be won every month, divided among the winners of the different age groups, so that the participants have a fair chance to win a prize.

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