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react is Premium Partner of the Tour de Suisse 2023

To reinforce its focus on cycling this year, Swiss sports eyewear brand react is teaming up with the Tour de Suisse. “With this commitment, we are reaffirming our expertise in the market for sports eyewear for cycling,” says react CEO Patrick McDermott. react will present the points jersey for the best sprinters this year. In addition, three stage locations of this year’s Tour will be in eastern Switzerland, react’s home and production site. Olivier Senn, Director of the Tour de Suisse, is delighted with the newly acquired partner: “We are excited about the new technology that react is bringing to the market with its eyewear and we look forward to collaborating with such an innovative partner”.

Stefan Küng wears react

In addition to this partnership with the Tour de Suisse, react has also joined forces with eastern Swiss cyclist Stefan Küng. “Our partnership with Stefan Küng further underlines the added value of our glasses for all cyclists,” says CEO Patrick McDermott. “I am delighted to have found a sponsor in react who, like me, is passionate about what they do and goes above and beyond with every new challenge. With this partnership, I can fully visualise my aspirations for the cycling season,” says Stefan Küng.

About react sports glasses

The parent company optrel was founded in 1986 and is now a leading global supplier of face, head and breathing protection products. In June 2022, the company launched the “react” brand, which features smart sunglasses and ski goggles with innovative ShadeTronic® technology. Their optray sports glasses are not only lightweight, weighing just 36 grams of high-performance polymer, they are energy self-sufficient and adapt to changing lighting conditions within 0.1 seconds – thanks to an LCD coating on the lenses and photocells in the nose bridge.

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