Counting down the minutes to the Tour de Suisse
6. May 2021









Tissot, official timekeeper of the Tour de Suisse, presents the T-Touch Connect Solar.

Tissot, the traditional Swiss watch manufacturer, is a loyal partner of Europe’s biggest cycling events, such as the Tour de France, Spain’s Vuelta and the Giro d’Italia. The brand is also the proud official timekeeper of one of the most important races in our Country: The Tour de Suisse. Whether it’s a thrilling time trial, a photo finish in the final sprint or the hunt for seconds in the overall classification. Time is of the essence in cycling. Seconds, indeed hundredths of a second, can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a race. In such situations, a reliable and experienced timekeeper like Tissot is essential. The traditional Swiss company has been an integral part of the sport of cycling for years, and the Tour de Suisse is no exception. Here are a few impressions from the Tour de Suisse 2019.

The high standards that the Tissot brand sets for itself ensure the continued development of ever more innovative timepieces whilst maintaining traditional watchmaking craftsmanship. In 2020, Tissot achieved a great accomplishment by launching its first “connected” watch, the T-Touch Connect Solar. Developed entirely in Switzerland right down to the operating system, this hybrid watch combines smartphone connectivity, touch control and solar charging. It has several functions in connected mode (SMS, activity tracker, notifications), as well as all the functions of a classic timepiece (perpetual calendar, countdown timer, alarm, weather functions, etc.). Moreover, it boasts an extremely long operating reserve of at least 6 months without recharging and an almost infinite running time in offline mode.

The navigation system has been developed so that its use is compatible with practising any type of sport in the great outdoors: hiking, climbing, cycling, basketball, etc. Whether worn for sport or daily life, the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar offers numerous possible uses to its wearer. You can find out more about the Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar here

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