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In Personico, Leventina Valley, the company Gazzose Ticinesi SA manufactures and commercialises Fizzy, a typical sparkling soft drink from the Canton of Ticino. Our features: the spring water from “Pont da Picol”, which is located at 1000 meters altitude in the Nadro Valley..

Since 1890 – a history of 100 years through four families of different generations. The current Gazzose Ticinesi SA took over the factory in 2009 and from a local artisan business it gradually took on the features of a small regional industry.

Gazzosa is a sweetened, flavoured and slightly carbonated water, whose name comes from its own feature, the gas. In the past – as fizzy, flavoured and consumed on special occasions – it was called “The poor man’s Champagne”, because of the bubbles, reminiscent of Champagne.

With the slogan “Frizzante Dolcevita” we want to highlight the peculiarities of our drink: highly appreciated by all ages, especially by young people; it recalls the flavours of the South; it belongs to the Culinary Heritage of Switzerland; it is very bonded to the territory. Our special feature: spring water in the Nadro Valley.

Since 2018, Gazzosa Fizzy has the pleasure of being a partner of such a prestigious sporting event as the Tour de Suisse. This year also we will participate with some vehicles in the publicity caravan and we will offer to the public on the route our fresh «Gazzose» to quench their thirst. If you would like to pay us a visit in the village, there will be a fun game and a contest with great prizes.

LEMON: “Fizzy classic”, the original formula is refreshing and thirst quenching with its unique lemon flavour.

TANGERINE: “La mediterranea”, has a unique, pleasant and youthful flavour of tangerine.

RASPBERRY: “La nostrana”, local, sweet and authentic, with the characteristic fruitful raspberry flavour.

MOSCATO GRAPE: “La delicata”, the sophisticated flavour and aroma of exclusive, selected Moscato grape.

BLUEBERRY: “La genuina”, refined and rustic taste of mountain, with a blueberry flavour.

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