Milestone for cycling in Switzerland
1. May 2022









The two most important cycling events in Switzerland – the Tour de Suisse and the Tour de Romandie – have agreed to cooperate for the benefit of the races and in particular for the further development of the sport of cycling in Switzerland.

Focus on cycling in Switzerland

At the end of February 2022, a united and positive announcement was made concerning participation of the Swiss National Team in all of the country’s Grand Tours. A few weeks have passed and the excitement about the next landmark step in Swiss cycling is even greater. A step that involves a cooperation between the Tour de Suisse and the Tour de Romandie which holds a lot of promise – both for the races and for Swiss cycling as a whole.

Director of the Tour de Suisse, Olivier Senn, and Director of the Tour de Romandie, Richard Chassot, are also excited about the cooperation between the Tour de Suisse and the Tour de Romandie: “Today, 1 May 2022, will go down as a milestone in the history of Swiss cycling. We are delighted with this partnership” says Olivier Senn. “We can achieve even more by working together”, adds Richard Chassot.

Multiple Layers of Collaboration

Both parties will benefit equally from the contractually regulated partnership. Key points of the agreement for example include the joint acquisition of sponsors, mutual support in finding stage locations and in marketing the events. Olivier Senn explains: “Switzerland is too small for us not to work together. With this partnership, both organisers can make the most of the opportunities available nationwide”. Richard Chassot underlines the potential of greater exposure: “For some of our sponsors, it is an attractive option to extend their exposure to the whole of Switzerland and to increase their period of engagement”.

This new development also gives Swiss Cycling more reason to look forward to the future. “The Tour de Romandie and the Tour de Suisse are two of the pillars of cycling in Switzerland; Swiss Cycling welcomes the cooperation between these experienced organisers. Working together for the common good always benefits the whole – in this case, Swiss cycling,” says Thomas Peter, Managing Director of Swiss Cycling.

First Success of the Cooperation

The first major result of the cooperation between the two National Tours is a longer-term association with the tourist region of Porte des Alpes Villars. The Tour de Suisse stops in the region next year. Further details of the ongoing relationship will be developed over the coming months but Sergei Aschwanden, the Director of the Tourism Region, is very enthusiastic: “It is absolute added value for us to develop and implement a strategy together with the two major cycling events in Switzerland.”

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