On three-wheels at the Tour de Suisse?
31. March 2021









Yamaha supplies 44 motorbikes for the Tour de Suisse road safety service.

Ensuring safety at the Tour de Suisse is Yamaha’s mission – and this is done with 44 motorbikes. These are made available to the race safety service and guarantee that the cyclists can ride the course without any obstacles. Ten minutes before the professional cyclists reach any passage, oncoming traffic is blocked, traffic islands, roundabouts and other obstacles are equipped with safety personnel and other safety-related precautions are implemented. Total closure of the road occurs five minutes before the passage. Yamaha motorbikes have been a reliable fixture of the Tour de Suisse for 30 years. Throughout the week, they accompany the peloton and are of enormous importance.

Radio Tour is also equipped by Yamaha

Three-wheels at the Tour de Suisse

For the first time this year the revolutionary Yamaha NIKEN with its unique three-wheel technology will be in action. In addition, the hostettler house brand iXS supplies the motorbike outfits for the entire safety team. Members of the safety team get their vehicles three weeks before the Tour de Suisse – to break them in and get used to them. Everything must run smoothly before the Tour de Suisse gets underway.

Experience Yamaha

The new Tricity 300 scooter will take its place in the publicity caravan, which will be passing along the route ahead of the professional cyclists. There are also great promotional giveaways for spectators at the roadside.*

he spring weather marks the start of the motorbike season as well as the cycling season. For the right wheels, visit the Yamaha website.

*For several months, the Organising Committee has been in close consultation with all the organisations and authorities concerned. Obviously, the most critical issues relate to gatherings of people, such as the various spectator attractions like the TdS Village, VIP areas, publicity caravans and the so on. The large number of spectators along the route is a challenge for a viable protection strategy as well. For these reasons, it remains uncertain in what form the Tour de Suisse 2021 and thus also the activities planned by Yamaha will proceed.

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