TdS Portrait Series: Noemi Rüegg (Jumbo-Visma)
11. March 2022









In the junior category, Noemi Rüegg was a three-time Swiss Champion; on the road, in the time trial and in cyclo-cross. After getting a taste of international racing over the past two seasons, Noemi Rüegg is now taking a big step up.

TdS: “Noemi, you have taken a big step towards a professional career in the new season…”

Noemi Rüegg: “Exactly, as of this season I am under contract with the Dutch WorldTour team Jumbo-Visma, which makes me extremely happy – it’s like a childhood dream come true.
And I’m also pleased to show that it’s possible for young Swiss women to make it into the WorldTour.”

TdS: “In the past you have excelled in different disciplines.
How would you describe your style of cycling?”

Noemi Rüegg: Laughing “To be honest, I’m still figuring that out. At the moment I’d say I’m probably more a ‘classics’ rider; I like it when races have short steep climbs, like a constant up and down. And at the end with a small group sprint.
I also like to ride tours. Maybe later I can specialise in them and race for the overall classification. 
Grinning I would love to be a GC rider one day.”

TdS: “What race would you like to win one day, what are your big goals?”

Noemi Rüegg:  “The Tour of Flanders is already the big dream. The great history and tradition of the Ronde is fascinating and I like the epic course over the Hellinge.
To wear the rainbow colours of the World Champion one day is certainly a dream too and to take part in an Olympics.”

TdS: “The Tour de Suisse also has a rich tradition – and since last year, women have finally become part of this story. You participated in the first edition of the Tour de Suisse Women last year. What memories did you take with you? “

Noemi Rüegg: “I have really fond memories of the Tour de Suisse and it was a major season highlight for me last year. 
I can clearly remember being incredibly nervous before the race; it was the first edition of the women’s TdS, a great and important step for women’s cycling in Switzerland.
You could feel the excitement, so many people were happy that there was finally going to be a Tour de Suisse for women and the media attention was also intense.
The races themselves were very well organised, highly professional with two really exciting stages.
It was a super cool experience!”

TdS: “Did it feel different to start at the TdS than when you are at the start of a WorldTour race abroad?”

Noemi Rüegg: “It certainly felt different. So many people you know on the side of the road, and this time not for a small race but for an international field of riders. It was nice to show the other riders our beautiful country.”

TdS: “Now the Tour de Suisse Women will be held over four stages this year…”

Noemi Rüegg: “The two stages last year were a good beginning. Now with four stages it shows that Switzerland is ready to invest in women’s cycling.”

TdS: “Will you be back for the Tour de Suisse Women in June?”

Noemi Rüegg: “The participation of our team Jumbo-Visma in the second edition of the TdS Women is now certain and of course I hope to be part of the line-up and compete in the colours of Jumbo-Visma in this year’s TdS Women.”

TdS: “Noemi, thank you very much and best of luck in reaching your goals!”

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