The Lake Sempach Region to welcome the Tour de Suisse 2023
15. September 2021









On June 12th 2023 the Lake Sempach Region will be in the spotlight of the cycling world. As part of the Tour de Suisse, a stage will take place throughout the region. Starting in Beromünster and finishing in Nottwil, all the municipalities of the regional development agency (RET) will be transversed. A unique opportunity for the region.

After initial proposals from Beromünster, led by Felix Matthias, the topic came to the RET’s regional Sports Coordinator, Andi Schwarzentruber. Together with the RET’s Sports Management Support Group, he developed the concept from the starting point in Beromünster into a one-day stage highlighting the Lake Sempach region. The Finish location is under the supervision of Walter Steffen. The OCs at both host venues are complete and have commenced work.

In former professional cyclist Mathias Frank, the event has an ambassador who has experienced first-hand the inner workings of the Tour de Suisse many times and has fond memories of the event. As Vice-President of the OC Nottwil, he will be directly involved in the event. Together with David Loosli, the Sports Director of the Tour de Suisse, he will optimise the route according to his local perspective. It will also be a first for Frank, experiencing the Tour de Suisse from an organisational point of view.

Mathias Frank during his last Tour de Suisse

The proposed route in the region will pass through all 17 municipalities of the RET. This makes it possible to develop a sporting theme throughout the region. Beromünster and Nottwil benefit from an additional loop and will be passed through twice. This is especially exciting for the fans. At both places there will be various sport and exercise activities for everyone even before the stage gets underway on Monday. All weekend in Beromünster activities are planned for all age groups under the motto “Sport and Exercise”.

The region itself will also be in the media spotlight for the day – a welcome bonus, as several hours of the race will be shown live on television. As always, an exciting stage can be expected with a finish that leaves nothing to be desired.

Many local partners are already on board – a good sign in terms of regional commitment and cooperation. Sport connects people and the resulting emotions and experiences will leave a lasting impression. The Tour de Suisse will be a folk festival for the region.

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