The tasty Swiss Thirst Quencher
28. May 2022









Chopfab Draft is the ideal thirst quencher. With its light body and refreshing German and American hops, the beer fits every occasion and celebration.

“The Tour de Suisse is one of the biggest and most popular traditional sporting events in Switzerland with a high level of public support, and beer is after all part of every good celebration. We are delighted to be involved with our Chopfab Draft,” says Toni Schneider, Sales Manager and Head of Events and Sponsorship for the German-speaking region of Switzerland.

Doppelleu Boxer AG

Modern beers with a noble hop – the Doppelleu brewery, founded in 2012 and based in Winterthur, is oriented towards the Belgian-Anglo-Saxon beer style, following a growing worldwide trend. Since merging with Bière du Boxer SA, the leading brewery in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, Doppelleu Boxer AG has become the only nationally established independent brewery in Switzerland. Today, in addition to 20 top fermented beers, it also has 7 bottom fermented beers in its range, which have already won multiple awards – more than any other brewery in Switzerland. The beers of the Chopfab, Boxer and Doppelleu ranges ensure wonderful moments of enjoyment with their most exclusive and natural ingredients.

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