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20. April 2023









In Switzerland around 8,000 people suffer a heart attack each year. Less than five percent survive this event. Very few patients can be reached by emergency services within the critical period of three to five minutes after the heart attack. Many more people could survive if they received immediate resuscitation measures in the form of Basic Life Support and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED).

At DELTAgroup we are committed to protecting people’s SAFETY, which is why training in Basic Life Support is an important part of our employees’ initial training. The DELTAgroup Academy is the DELTAgroup’s training organisation, providing basic and advanced training for all of approximately 1,200 DELTAgroup employees. To this end, around 45 instructors are employed in a wide range of specialist areas.

We are also happy to pass on this know-how to external users such as companies, public authorities, event organisers and private individuals. In our BLS-AED complete course (4 hours), we teach all the important principles of basic life support to participants. This includes the structured procedure in the event of an emergency, the execution of correct cardiac massage including ventilation and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED). At the same time, we provide basic knowledge relating to the events of heart attack, stroke and airway obstruction.

Tour de Suisse Team completes First Aid course

During the Tour de Suisse there is always the possibility of emergencies involving heart attacks. In order to be prepared for such situations, the Tour de Suisse organisation team completed a First Aid course with the DELTAgroup. “We are grateful to be able to benefit from the expertise of our Partner, and during the course we were able to improve our skills in Basic Life Support,” says Tour Director Olivier Senn. Marcel Hürlimann, Head of Marketing & Sales DELTAgroup says: “At major events the probability of being confronted with a medical emergency increases due to the high number of attendees. Organisers are therefore responsible for taking such situations into account in their planning. The organisation of the Tour de Suisse is setting a great example here”.

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