For a small community Tübach has a lot to offer and invites visitors to get to know the beautiful lake region a little better. The idyllic and modern village is only a few minutes away from Lake Constance and has everything it takes for a great quality of life. With an area of just under two square kilometres and a population nearing 1,600, Tübach is one of the smallest villages in the Canton. However, Tübach is ideally located in the middle of the triangle formed by the towns of St. Gallen, Rorschach and Arbon. True to the motto “small but mighty”, the municipality has proven time and time again that they can create great things. Major events such as the 2018 Cantonal Wrestling Festival, the start of the 2011 Tour de Suisse Stage and the Herbert Grönemeyer concert are amongst highlights which have been staged locally.

Organising Committee President and Mayor of Tübach Michael Götte is delighted: “The public interest in the Tour de Suisse was evident at the 2011 Stage Start, when hundreds of people from all over the lake region watched, admired and supported, despite the rain. We look forward to once again providing the population an unforgettable event in 2023.”


In the picturesque lake region around Tübach there are countless opportunities to exercise and relax in the great outdoors. Whether its hiking, walking, biking, ball sports or water sports: with the Kellen Regional Sports and Recreation Centre and the nearby Lake Constance connection, the region offers something for everyone. Not only natural features, but also historical and cultural sites, such as the famous Capuchin monastery of St. Scholastika, represent the diversity of attractions for residents and visitors of all ages. An ideal starting point for all kinds of experiences.

For cycling fans, the region also has many options. With a road bike you can head in all directions from Tübach along Lake Constance or into the mountains. And if you still haven’t had enough after an eventful day, by all means try the Tübach circular route. It takes you on a trail around Tübach that is suitable for prams and offers numerous information points and wonderful views of Lake Constance along the way.

For almost two years now, Tübach has been very active on social media, where it presents the most creative posts and news from everyday life. See for yourself the diversity of the pearl between the city of St. Gallen and Lake Constance.

Family and Club Life

There are many family friendly things to do and discover in and around Tübach. And for residents the rich and varied club life in Tübach provides an excellent opportunity to complement family and leisure activities in the best possible way. The municipality of Tübach is known for its abundant club culture, which covers a wide range of interests, including sports, music, art, culture, nature and much more. Whether you want to be active together as a family or find new hobbies as an individual, there is something for everyone. Club life in Tübach is thus an important part of village social life and helps to make people feel at home.

“The Tour de Suisse is the perfect opportunity for Tübach to showcase our welcoming community and our vibrant village life. We warmly invite everyone to visit the Stage Start in Tübach and enjoy the unique flair of this event. Come and experience for yourself the homely feel-good factor that makes our municipality so special!” Michael Götte, OC President and Mayor of Tübach.

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