A new all-rounder called KODIAQ is mixing up the Tour de Suisse
20. April 2017









From 10 to 19 June, the first big SUV from ŜKODA will be in the Tour de Suisse.

KODIAQ is the latest litter of our longtime Official Co-Partner ŜKODA. The model name comes from the brown bear that lives on the Alaska island of the same name. The spacious all-rounder is an all-rounder and the first large Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the Czech car manufacturer. With up to seven seats and the largest trunk in its class, it offers plenty of storage space for families. Even transporting bicycles inside the vehicle is no problem with this size. The car is about 168 cm high and 4.70 meters long. KODIAQ has been available in Switzerland since March 2017 and is enjoying great demand.

KODIAQ in the advertising column and for race information

At the Tour de Suisse in June, the KODIAQ will be the starting and closing car of the advertising column. The advertising column includes around 50 vehicles of the official partners. One hour before the race, the advertising caravan crosses the race track and stops every now and then to distribute popular give-aways from the vehicles. This gives the spectators at the roadside enough time to take a closer look at the latest model from ŜKODA. In addition, several KODIAQs will be used as vehicles for race information, providing the audience with up-to-date information about the race via loudspeakers.

ŜKODA SUPERBund OCTAVIA at racing level

At the height of the bike race, however, the proven ŜKODA models SUPERB and OCTAVIA are used as usual. There is a reason for this: The UCI regulations do not allow vehicles higher than 160 cm at race level. The main focus is on the clarity and safety of the racing drivers. They must be able to overlook the escort vehicles at all times.

While the view over the carriages should not be an issue for the tall Lucerne BMC rider Michael Schär (196 cm) or the Chamer Trek professional Gregory Rast (186 cm), the rule makes perfect sense for smaller cycling professionals. Among others for the Colombian Esteban Chaves (Orica-Scott), who is only 160 cm tall. Last year’s overall winner Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana) and Darwin Atapuma (UAE Emirates), last year’s winners of the fifth stage with a mountain finish in Carì, are also only a few centimetres taller.

More information about ŜKODA KODIAQ is available here.

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