And at the finish line, one, two, three, four “pods”…
1. April 2019









The Falken brewery with its “Hülse” brand will again provide refreshment in the finish area this year.

The Falken AG brewery will be in action at the Tour de Suisse primarily with its beer brand “Hülse”. This year several varieties of the brand will be represented. The Hülse family has grown. In addition to the Hülse Original (natural lager), there are now Hülse Ice (summer beer combined with Braumais), Hülse Lemon (tangy, fruity, sweet with lemonade), Hülse Pale Ale (top-fermented, hop-flavored with beautiful citrus notes) and Hülse Hell (original lager).
Hülse Original and Hülse Hell are available in the 50 cl can, Hülse Original, Ice, Lemon, Pale Ale are available in the 33 cl bottle. By the way, the can sleeve original with resealable closure.

The Falken brewery brews its beers in Schaffhausen. The people of Schaffhausen tapped their first beer as early as the 18th century in the “Falken” inn, hence the name of the brewery.
The simple, modern design of the cans and bottles in matt colours with a hop blossom on the front catches the eye.

The brewers from Schaffhausen are looking forward to the tour of the country again this year.
“I am thrilled by the dynamism and sporting spirit that the Tour de Suisse spreads locally, as well as the fascination that conjures up a smile and amazement on the faces of the spectators,” enthuses Andrea Imthurn from Brauerei Falken AG.

The “Hülse” from the Falken Brewery will be available throughout the 2018 Tour de Suisse. Cheers!
More information about the assortment of the Falken Brewery is available here.


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