Bruno’s Best honours the winner of the day
12. May 2019









The salad dressing specialist from the canton of Obwalden – a popular fixture of the advertising column – will also award the stage winner at the award ceremony at the 83rd edition of the National Tour of Switzerland.

With the award of the day’s winner, the family business is present at every stage of the race at the award ceremony and in the exchange with the various riders.
“For our Bruno’s Best brand, the visibility on the podium is an extremely attractive advertising platform,” says Daniel Arnold, responsible for marketing in the family business.

On the podium, in the VIP area and in the advertising column
In addition to his efforts at the award ceremony, Bruno’s Best will once again be part of the advertising column. One hour before the race starts, the caravan of sponsors and suppliers drives over the race track and hands out presents to the spectators. “Our small, gluttonous salad portions are always popular by the roadside.” Bruno’s Best will deliver about 25,000 salad mix portions during the 9 race days as part of the advertising campaign. The portions are of course distributed daily fresh from Sarnen to the respective stage locations.
Visitors to the VIP area can also enjoy the salad dressing specialist. Bruno’s Best will again be on site with a converted Piaggio salad bar. “The salad bar is definitely an eye-catcher.”
The entire Arnold family of entrepreneurs have enjoyed the ambience of the Tour de Suisse for many years and are happy to support it as partners.

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