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3. March 2021









Discover the exclusive Cycling Unlimited wine created by the SCHULER St. Jacob Winery in collaboration with the Tour de Suisse.

With the greatest ambition of combining flavour and passion, the SCHULER St. Jacob Winery has worked together with the Tour de Suisse to create the Cycling Unlimited wine just for you.

The Cycling Unlimited wine immediately impresses with a nose of intense, fruity aromas. Its notes of spice and dry-roasted aromas are wonderfully balanced. In short, it is a smooth wine that you can enjoy at any time and with any food. Every sip makes you look forward to the next one. Secure your six-bottle box of Cycling Unlimited wine at a cost of CHF 92.40. This wine is an especially great buy for Easter. Cycle racing and wine – is this really a suitable match? But of course! When passion and enjoyment come together, a delicious glass of wine is the perfect accompaniment.

The SCHULER St. Jacob Winery stands for guaranteed wine enjoyment. Over 325 years ago, when the Sun King Louis XIV still sat on the throne of France, Jakob Castell was already transporting wines over the Gotthard Pass. It can therefore be no coincidence that the serpentine road up to the Gotthard Pass – the most frequently-ridden road in the history of the Tour de Suisse – is of major significance both to the world of wine and the sport of cycling. Today, the SCHULER St. Jacob Winery is one of Switzerland’s most prestigious wineries. It operates four of its own vineyards, its own wine-analysis laboratory and its own coopers’ workshop. The wood barrels produced on site are used by our oenologists and cellar masters to mature our wines in our very own cask cellar at the foot of the Mythen mountains.

For 11 generations, the SCHULER St. Jacob Winery has focused on premium quality and the most stringent controls. These will continue to be our guiding principles in future. It is the only way to ensure that you are always making the best possible choice when you opt for a SCHULER wine. Our partnership with the Tour de Suisse is also geared towards the long term. For over four years now, the audiences at the Tour de Suisse have been able to enjoy high-quality wines. At our own wine bar in the VIP areas of the stage towns, SCHULER serves up the best national and international wines.

As you can see, cycling and wine are a perfect match and will once more ensure plenty of enjoyment at this year’s Tour de Suisse.

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