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19. July 2017









The Tour de Suisse was immediately followed by the Tour de France. TdS sports director David Loosli was the co-commentator for SRF television during the first ten stages of the Tour de France.

David Loosli, how long did you travel with SRF?

We commented the first five stages directly on site, the second five stages from the Leutschenbach studio in Zurich. After that, the team of commentators changed, which is a common practice at SRF.

How does it feel when you are not responsible for the race as Sports Director, but “only” get to talk about it?

This is completely different and of course much more relaxed. At the Tour de France I am really a spectator and can focus on the race. During the TdS stages I am permanently under power, watching the marching chart, looking at each marshal and clarifying other organisational details. It already happened that I only really noticed who had won the stage at the award ceremony.

What makes the Tour de France (even) better than the Tour de Suisse?

The whole marketing and branding is really extraordinary. You can clearly feel that the organization can draw on the full potential of 100 full-time marketing positions.

What makes the Tour de Suisse better?

From a cycling point of view, our races are more modern and exciting, also because we are constantly testing and refining new formats. The first week of the Tour de France mainly offered long stages with foreseeable sprints and correspondingly little excitement.

What are the next steps in planning the Tour de Suisse?

We are quite advanced. In July I will have two more weeks of summer vacation. Afterwards, the project will be implemented directly for the Tour de Suisse 2018. With Frauenfeld, we will have a new starting hub next year. This is something special for me personally, because I live in the region with my family.

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