Flashback 2022 on ROUVY
31. January 2023









Relive the Tour de Suisse and ride key sections of last year’s event from the comfort of your own home. ROUVY makes it possible! The finish to Aesch (BL), the decisive stage to Brunnen (SZ) or the last kilometers of the final time trial in Vaduz. But the women’s race has not been left out of this Flashback Challenge. Experience the stage arrival in Chur or the grand finale on Lenzerheide from the digital perspective of the pros. Register now and with sweat and a little luck win one of the legendary jerseys of the best young professional or mountain prize winner. The challenge lasts until the end of February.

In addition to the Flashback 2022 Challenge, other exciting events await you in February.


Thursdays: 00:00 h, 14:00 h, 19:00 h & 20:00 h

Sundays: 04:00 h., 10:00 h., 12:00 h. & 18:00 h.

Group rides:

Every Tuesday: 15:00 h, 19:00 h and 01:00 h

Thursdays: 15:00 h, 19:00 h and 01:00 h

Sundays: 09:00 h & 15:00 h

ROUVY is your first choice for the most realistic indoor training. Thanks to the power of augmented reality and 3D avatars, ROUVY brings the world to your home. There are more than 400 augmented reality routes, including gems like Mont Ventoux, Stelvio and Cap de Formentor. It’s not just the 10,000 real routes that make ROUVY so interesting, but also the constantly organized group rides and events that help you stay motivated. And most importantly, you never have to ride alone if you don’t want to. Explore the world with the most realistic bike simulation app, enjoy the social group rides, challenge yourself, beat your rivals and stay fit! #GoROUVY

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We ride for you Gino!

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