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1. March 2017









If you now have a broad base of drinks, bars and gels, you are well equipped before, during and after long training sessions. We recommend the products of Nutrixxion. It is not for nothing that the German sports nutrition specialists are “Official Supplier” of the TdS Challenge.

Spring awakenings everywhere. Also with the cyclists. She pulls it away from indoor roller training. Finally we go out into the fresh air. The preparations for the first longer training rides not only include checking the bike, but also a look in the storage cupboard. Expired sports food belongs in the waste. Now is the time to replenish supplies.

For ambitious racing cyclists, Nutrixxion founder Mark Claussmeyer recommends the golden three: bars, gels and drinks. “In contrast to simple sugars, the long-chain carbohydrates in the bars release their effects over a longer period of time, allowing for more consistent performance”. Above a certain intensity, cyclists soon switch to easy-to-handle gels. “When the body is working intensively, digestibility plays a decisive role,” says Mark Claussmeyer. A good sports drink is essential as a third mainstay. “For those who want to get the most out of their recovery period.” The drink supplies the body with the substances it has lost during training. “This will greatly accelerate regeneration.” In addition, drinking ampoules with magnesium are just as much a part of the wheel equipment as spare tubes and air pumps. Magnesium is an important mineral for a functioning musculature. Mark Claussmeyer’s tip: “If you take an ampoule of magnesium the evening before a long bike ride, you prepare your muscles optimally for endurance performance.

The German sports nutrition specialists already reacted to the fact that more and more endurance athletes are sensitive to gluten a year ago. In the meantime, the gluten-free bar in the flavours cranberry-walnut and almond-cocoa has become a real long-running favourite at Nutrixxion.

Nutrixxion products are available from Swiss cycling retailers (here go to the Store Locator) or via the Webshop in Germany.

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