Interview-Series: Marc Hirschi
16. April 2021









The young professional cyclist from Bern talks to us about his early days, his breakthrough last summer and his plans for the future.

Tour de Suisse: «Marc, You rode your debut Tour de Suisse in 2019 at the age of 21. When did the passion for cycling first grab you??»

Marc Hirschi: «I always liked cycling, with my father as well. When we went to watch the Tour de Suisse race for the first time, I realised that I wanted to become a professional cyclist myself.»

TdS: “You were able to celebrate your first big successes in professional cycling last summer. How surprising was this breakthrough for you?”

Marc Hirschi: “I had a good start to my first professional season (2019). But I realised that I still had a long way to go to reach the top – to win – in the big races. That’s why I was very surprised myself last summer that I was able to take that step so soon to be competitive with the very best.”

TdS: “What was it like to have that moment when you realised that you could keep up with the absolute strongest or even beat them?”

MH: “It was mentally important. I demonstrated to myself what I could achieve and that I’m on the right track. This mental aspect makes a big difference during the race – when you believe in yourself and you also have the full support of your team.”

TdS: “It was evident as well last summer at the Tour de France how easily you were able to cope with longer climbs and mountain stages. Is it a longer-term goal for you to also race for the overall victory in one-week stage races like the Tour de Suisse?”

MH: “It’s in the back of my mind – but the main focus is elsewhere at the moment. I believe to race for the overall in GC, I need a few more years. Plus, I have to wait and see in which direction I evolve as a rider. I’m young and I can’t completely control that development myself.”

TdS: “The famous / infamous classic-like stages in the first half of the Tour de Suisse suit your type of cyclist, don’t they?”

MH: “Absolutely. The typical Tour de Suisse stages, which are decisive and where only a small group determines the victory at the finish, generally suit me.”

TdS: “After your successes this summer, what does it mean to you to be competing at your home race again?”

MH: “It doesn’t really matter what my season goals are – the Tour de Suisse will always be a highlight. I’m looking forward to it this year too!”

TdS: “Marc, thank you very much and all the best in achieving your goals!”

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