Maximum Safety in an Emergency
5. May 2021









With GE Healthcare and KARL STORZ, the Tour de Suisse has secured innovative partners in the field of emergency medical care in 2021, ensuring the best possible treatment for competitors in the event of an accident.

Thanks to GE Healthcare the Medical Team, led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Roland Kretsch, has access to a state-of-the-art pocket ultrasound scanner of the latest generation, which can diagnose injuries to abdominal organs or the lungs quickly on site: “A mobile ultrasound scanner enables us to quickly identify serious injuries and initiate appropriate emergency measures. In many cases, we can also detect bone fractures on the spot using ultrasound,” says Kretsch.

In addition, the KARL STORZ company provides the Medical Team with a video laryngoscope. This facilitates securing the airway (intubation) in an emergency situation by means of camera technology, should artificial respiration or anaesthesia be required.

Medical Service at the Tour de Suisse

The Medical Team, consisting of qualified paramedics and emergency doctors, accompanies the peloton of the Tour de Suisse with two medical and two ambulance vehicles. The vehicles are strategically placed in the convoy throughout the race. If a crash occurs, the Medical Team is alerted via the Tour radio communication system “Radio-Tour” and can be at the scene of the accident quickly. If transport to hospital is necessary, it is performed by one of the two Medical Teams or by rescue helicopter. In the case of minor injuries, treatment is provided on site by ambulance personnel, so that the cyclist can continue the race.

Our thanks to GE Healthcare and KARL STORZ for their valuable support.

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