Meet & Ride with Fabian Cancellara including starting place at the Cornèrcard City Circle in Schaffhausen to win!
19. May 2017









Win a training ride with Fabian Cancellara (17.6.), get tips and tricks from him for a successful race and ride the last stage of the TdS Challenge, the so-called “Cornèrcard City Circle”, in Schaffhausen on Sunday, 18.6.

For some sporty cycling fans a dream could soon come true. Official Co-Partner Trek comes up with a special prize: On Saturday, June 17th, Fabian Cancellara will accompany the 10 winners of the “Meet & Ride” on an hour-long training ride, after he has given them tips and tricks for the best race tactics for the last stage of the TdS Challenge on Sunday in the first part of the “Meet & Ride” (10:00 to 11:00 am)

The winners will finally tackle the “Cornèrcard City Circle” on Sunday, 18.6. This is the last stage of the Tour de Suisse Challenge, an approximately 80 km long, hilly course around Schaffhausen.

Autograph session with Spartacus in the TdS Village

For all those who are not among the lucky 10 winners, Fabian Cancellara will be available at the Trek booth from 14:00 to 14:30 on June 17th for an autograph session.

Hier go to participate in the Trek raffle

Good luck!

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