No Tour de Suisse 2020
3. April 2020









The Swiss National Tour is cancelled due to the Corona Pandemic.

The Corona pandemic does not stop at Switzerland’s largest sporting event. The Tour de Suisse Association, together with all the partners involved, has decided by mutual agreement to cancel the Tour de Suisse 2020 at an early stage, even though the authorities have not yet issued a ban. This is the first time since the Second World War that the traditional event will not take place.

The Tour de Suisse is also refraining from postponing it within the calendar year 2020, as this is not feasible in logistical and financial terms.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the Suisse 2020 Tour due to the corona pandemic. But we are convinced that this is the best possible solution to provide clarity and planning security for all participants, fans and partners. For the Tour de Suisse, the cancellation is also an important step to ensure the continuation of the event,” explains Olivier Senn, Co-Managing Director of the Tour de Suisse Association. “We would like to thank all sponsors, stage locations, service providers and our staff for their extraordinary support and solidarity – without them this step and thus important contribution to securing the future of our event would not be possible!

The following six reasons led to the decision to cancel the Tour de Suisse 2020

  • The great uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of the virus as to whether TdS can take place at all means that professional planning is no longer possible. Uncertainty also affects in particular the support of the army and police necessary for safe implementation.
  • As each nation has taken individual measures and in some countries cycling outside is completely prohibited, it cannot be assumed that all racers can prepare themselves professionally for participation in the TdS. A fair competition cannot be guaranteed by the organizers. In addition, there are of course the travel restrictions in force.
  • The risk of additional strain on the Swiss health system due to possible falls during the races is high. This must be avoided in the current situation. The best possible medical care for participants and fans in the event of any accidents is also a top priority.
  • Since the outbreak of the virus in Switzerland at the end of February, the acquisition of sponsors and the sale of hospitality services has been virtually impossible. If the country tour were to be carried out, significant financial losses would be inevitable.
  • Any further delay of a cancellation would lead to higher planning costs. This applies not only to the Tour de Suisse, but also to all sponsors, stage locations and service providers involved.
  • The Tour de Suisse Association’s top priority is the safe continuation of the Swiss National Tour. An early cancellation helps to ensure that the event can take place in the future.

Despite the great solidarity of all those involved, the Tour de Suisse Association will examine in detail all the support measures available from the Confederation to deal with the Corona crisis.

The aim is now to carry out the Tour de Suisse planned for 2020 as identically as possible in June 2021. Clarifications with all affected stage locations are in full swing and the Tour de Suisse organization is confident that this planning can be completed soon. The expenditure for planning for the coming year is significantly reduced. The exact date on which the Tour de Suisse will be held in 2021 is currently still open, as the UCI’s international racing calendar has not yet been fixed due to the Olympic Games, which have also been postponed. However, it can be assumed that the tour of the country will again take place in the first half of June.

Innovative virtual racing series to start soon

Despite the cancellation of the Tour de Suisse 2020, cycling fans will be offered new and exciting challenges with an innovative digital racing series for professionals and everyone.

With the “The Digital Swiss 5” from 22. – 26.4.2020 there will be bicycle races on Swiss roads after all – a world first of the virtual kind. Not only the world’s best professional cyclists will be able to compete in these digital races after a week-long compulsory break, but cycling fans will also get their money’s worth. Currently, 17 WorldTour and ProTeams as well as the Swiss national team have already registered for “The Digital Swiss 5”, and this only a few days after the announcement.

If this innovative format proves its worth, it could form the basis for a digital Tour de Suisse from 7 – 14.6.2020. The Tour de Suisse association – together with the partners of “The Digital Swiss 5” (SRF, Velon and ROUVY) – wants to decide on this by the beginning of May.

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