Road safety in cycling
9. March 2022









The TCS is the new “Road Safety Partner” of the Tour de Suisse in 2022 and 2023. As the largest mobility club, it aims to raise awareness of road safety issues via a broad, national platform and to reaffirm its commitment to the sport of cycling and cyclists.

TCS has been dedicated to the bicycle since 1896

This commitment to cycling is no accident. The TCS was founded in 1896 by 205 cyclists with the aim of improving road safety for cyclists. In earlier editions, between 1986 and 2001, the TCS has partnered the Tour de Suisse already, assisting with the problem-free movement of support vehicles. Now the TCS will again position itself as an expert in the field of road safety and as a sponsoring partner of the Tour de Suisse. With its national exposure the Tour de Suisse reaches a large audience. For the TCS this partnership will provide a broad platform to comprehensively raise awareness of the issues of road safety. In addition, the TCS will support the production of all safety mats used during the Tour de Suisse events for both men and women. Jürg Wittwer, General Director of the TCS, says: “The commitment to cyclists and road safety is in the DNA of the TCS and we are therefore very pleased to play an active role as the “Road Safety Partner” of the Tour de Suisse”.

Into the future with sustainability

By 2026, the Tour de Suisse aims to be one of the most sustainable sporting events in the world. Wherever possible, only electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles are to be used for advertising convoys and as accompanying event vehicles. This has further motivated the TCS to commit to the Tour de Suisse over the next two years. These goals are in keeping with the TCS’s commitment of making mobility in Switzerland safe and sustainable. Olivier Senn, Director of the Tour de Suisse says: “In these challenging times for the event industry we are very happy and grateful to have found a new safety partner for both men’s and women’s Tour de Suisse events in TCS, Switzerland’s largest mobility club”.

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