21. December 2020









An eventful and challenging year is behind us. Society and also cycling have been challenged. These challenges will continue into the new year.


In 2020, the word SOLIDARITY has taken on an even greater meaning. People stand up for each other, support each other and help where they can. In sports, and particularly in professional cycling, it’s no different. However, SOLIDARITY has always been of great importance in our sport and not just this year. In actual fact even the greatest cyclists achieve nothing without the support of helpers who ride for hours in the wind, transport bidons or form a sprint train. In addition, there are tireless helpers who stand for hours in the rain and make sure that a race can take place. Not to mention the sponsors, who make an event like the Tour de Suisse possible in the first place through their great commitment. Therefore, the same applies to all of us next year – working together instead of against each other. Set small things in motion in order that we may achieve great things and stand together!


It should be relaxed, colourful, fun, loud and emotional – the future in a new state of normality. At the moment this requires a good deal of VISION. Cycling is also looking to the future. Many professional cyclists long to compete before an audience again. They want to feel the excitement, be cheered on and, of course, put on a good show. Organizers are getting inventive, developing digital events and innovative spectator concepts to bring fans as close as possible to their heroes. Like cycling, society should be gearing up for the future. Just take a look inside yourself and imagine with VISION what it should look like in the distance. Save and recall these images and indulge in them for a moment!


The most important thing is to maintain MOTIVATION. Even in difficult times we should stay motivated and set goals. Whether they be athletic, personal or professional. Create an inner drive that propels you forward. Be innovative, find new ways and start the new year with the right attitude. The professional cyclists will probably not lack MOTIVATION for the next season. After all, there are various highlights on the program. Among them is the Olympic Games in Tokyo, the 100th anniversary of the UCI Road World Championships in the heart of Belgium and the Tour de Suisse with its breathtaking route. In addition, there is a crop of up-and-coming young riders who want to consolidate their performances from last season. The seasoned pros, on the other hand, are out for revenge and will be eager to show that they still have what it takes. These prospects for the 2021 cycling season should motivate every cycling fan even more!

With this in mind, the whole Tour de Suisse team wishes you a Happy New Year. Stay healthy and stay in the saddle!

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