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The Tour de Suisse will start in Einsiedeln on June 11, 2023 to mark its 90th anniversary.

The start to the 86th Tour de Suisse will be devised by the monastery village of Einsiedeln with the team presentation on Saturday and the first stage on Sunday. The memory of the boisterous folk festival on the occasion of the fifth stage in 2019 may provide an indication of the mood with which the fans will launch the 90th anniversary of the tour.

“After the Tour de Suisse was already hosted in Einsiedeln in 2019, we are now looking forward to continuing as a start hub in the monastery village in 2023. From Friday evening, June 9 to Sunday, June 11, 2023, plenty of excitement and thrills, as well as a lively folk festival, await sports enthusiasts and families. From Klosterplatz to Lake Sihl to the Ybrig mountain landscapes, there is a unique and diverse backdrop to possible routes. These impressions are inspiring – both on site and at home in front of the TV.”

Alois Oberholzer, OC President Tour de Suisse Start HUB Einsiedeln

About Einsiedeln

The monastery village in the canton of Schwyz is located in the heart of the experience region Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee and can be reached in about 45 minutes from Zurich. With its proximity to landscapes of mountains and lakes, it is embedded in a region full of topographical diversity. Not only the natural features, but also historical and cultural sites such as the famous 18th century monastery form the basis of varied offers for locals and guests, young and old. Therefore, an ideal starting point for experiences of any kind.


In the region of Einsiedeln-Ybrig-Zürichsee, outdoor enthusiasts have a comprehensive choice of activities at their disposal. Whether hiking, climbing, biking or water sports in the warmer months or skiing, cross-country skiing or ice skating during the winter season: everything is possible in the wonderful nature around Einsiedeln. No matter what you choose, breathtaking views are guaranteed. This also applies to the ski jumps in Einsiedeln, which offer highlights for adrenaline junkies, daredevils but also for connoisseurs. Cycling fans can enjoy themselves on the racing bike over the Sattelegg or Ibergeregg, gravel and bike fans benefit from the extensive tours over the mountain ranges around the Sihlsee.


To discover the area as a family, there are plenty of opportunities in and around Einsiedeln. Various indoor and outdoor activities offer fun and adventure from the shores of Lake Zurich to Hoch-Ybrig. Pumptracks, the Kabi Bike Park or the Alpamare – the most exciting water park in Switzerland – make children’s hearts beat faster. More ideas for excursions and events with children in the region await you at


Einsiedeln also embodies history, tradition and culinary delights. Today, the Benedictine monastery is the most important place of pilgrimage in Switzerland. Local customs, traditions and culinary delicacies such as the pilgrim’s pastry «Schafbock» can be experienced and discovered at a wide variety of events. This is also the case at the carnival, the fifth and foolish season. The monastery and its winery can be discovered on one of the guided tours.

Besides the village of Einsiedeln, Bennau, Egg, Euthal, Gross, Trachslau and Willerzell belong to the district of Einsiedeln. These quarters are spread around the Sihlsee, the largest artificial lake in Switzerland in terms of area. The promising monastery village can be reached from the city of Zurich in only 45 minutes by car or train. The centers of Lucerne, Zug and Schwyz are also less than an hour’s drive away.


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