The fastest Swiss is a falcon
13. April 2017









The Falken brewery with its naturally cloudy beer “Hülse” will be the jersey sponsor of the best Swiss player for the year 2017.

After the Italian Paolo Savoldelli, known as the Falcon of Bergamo, retired in 2009, there will be another Falcon in the field in 2017. Brauerei Falken AG is sponsoring the jersey in the category of the best Swiss player and will give our national representatives the appropriate boost. Savoldelli owed his nickname not in vain to his extraordinary skills on rapid descents.

The Falken AG brewery will appear at the Tour de Suisse primarily with its latest beer brand “Hülse”. This is a natural, unfiltered, bottom-fermented lager beer. This slightly cloudy speciality is perfect for aperitifs, cold dishes, grilled meats, salads and sliced sausages. The “sleeve” is available as a 50 cl can with an innovative, resealable lid. New this year, the “Hülse” is also available in a 33 cl bottle.

Lucerne students created the “Hülse”

The simple, modern design of the box in matt dark grey with a hop blossom on the front catches the eye. “The Falken AG brewery owes its brand name as well as its design to a group of students from the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts,” explains marketing manager Andrea Imthurn of the Falken AG brewery. Five students designed a canned beer for the age group of 20 to 30 year olds on behalf of the Schaffhausen brewery. “The term Hülse is often used colloquially in German-speaking Switzerland for canned beer.”

The Falken Brewery brews its beers in Schaffhausen, where the final weekend of the Tour de Suisse will take place in 2017. The people of Schaffhausen tapped their first beer as early as the 18th century in the “Falken” inn, hence the name of the brewery. It will not only honour the best Swiss rider at the Tour de Suisse 2017 every day, but will also serve the “sleeve” in the VIP area. “At the latest at the big race final of the Tour de Suisse on the final weekend in Schaffhausen, we want to make sure that visitors to the Swiss National Tour will no longer be able to avoid a taste of our “sleeve”,” says Andrea Imthurn, looking forward to the big cycling festival in June.

More information about the assortment of the Falken Brewery can be found here.

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