The perfect racing bike for every use – the choice is yours
23. May 2018









Trek offers you the right bike for every application.

From racing on the Tour de Suisse to full-day tours among friends or crisp pass rides on their own – all Trek road bikes are designed for optimal performance in a wide range of applications. Thus, each model scores with its specific advantages: Aero, lightweight or comfort. You have a choice. The Trek Segafredo team in the Tour de Suisse is no exception: each stage has different requirements, so that the riders choose the Madone aero bike, the Émonda featherweight or the Domane, which smoothes out bumps, depending on the conditions.

For the mountain stages, for example, the featherlight Émonda, the lightest series-produced racing bike of all, is suitable. Its perfectly tuned OCLV carbon frame provides the optimal balance of stiffness and weight, as well as the highest level of performance and handling. For the downhill passages, this bike offers plenty of braking power, either with excellent all weather disc brakes or light rim brakes. Riders who prefer the aero advantage over the weight advantage of the Émonda and are looking for ultimate speed will find the Madone suitable. If you are looking for long-distance comfort instead, the Domane is the right bike for you.

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