The SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei will also accompany the Tour de Suisse in 2019.
13. March 2019









With its mobile wine tasting and the wine bar in the VIP area the SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei provides exclusive enjoyment on the race course.

Once again the visitors of the Tour de Suisse can benefit from wine tastings in the TdS Villages by the SCHULER event mobile.
In addition, this year again the invited guests can enjoy the SCHULER wine bar in the VIP area. The SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei serves exclusive wines from Switzerland and all over the world and thus already provides a first highlight before the finish.

“Like the Tour de Suisse, wine is an emotional event. We would like to make this emotional side tangible to the customer directly on site” enthuses Pascal Macek of the SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei.

The SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei is one of the most renowned wine houses in Switzerland. This year, the traditional company celebrates its 325th anniversary and thus belongs to one of the oldest family businesses in the country.
The SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei owns its own vineyards, operates its own vinalytics laboratory and its own cooperage. About 95% of the product range consists of exclusive SCHULER brands, wines which the winery composes itself.
In the self-produced wooden barrels, oenologists and cellar masters refine the wines in the in-house barrique cellar. This ensures for the customer that the best choice is always made when choosing wines from SCHULER.

So let’s toast soon!

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