The Vaudoise insurance companies leave no one alone
23. May 2019









Vaudoise Insurance is Presenting Sponsor of the Tour de Suisse for the 8th consecutive year. We do everything we can to ensure that you can live out your passion to the full.

You love your bike. Whether on the road, in the forest, on the road with the family, to do sports, to leave everyday life behind or just to spend a nice time with your loved ones: You always have your bike with you. To protect your bike, insure it with the Vaudoise. Whether city bike, racing bike, mountain bike or e-bike, the Vaudoise will compensate you in the event of theft and damage caused by a fall or collision. You simply choose the sum insured according to the value of your bicycle. And the best thing is that in the event of a breakdown, Vaudoise will cover the transport costs for your journey home!

Whether in Switzerland or abroad, on the road or across country: we never leave anyone alone!

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