Tour de Suisse leader jerseys newly designed by Q36.5
23. March 2022









In professional cycling, everything revolves around the leader’s jerseys. This is also the case at the Tour de Suisse. This year, Bolzano-based sustainable cycling apparel brand Q36.5 is the official cycling outfitter and prime partner of the Swiss national tour. For the founders of the brand it is a special pleasure to be able to support the Tour de Suisse.

The Q36.5 founding couple – Luigi and Sabrina Bergamo Emmasi – have their roots in Switzerland and Italy. Both gained twenty years of experience at the highest level in the cycling apparel industry and want to express their very personal view of innovative and performance-oriented cycling clothing with Q36.5. As a former active cyclist, Sabrina Bergamo Emmasi has pushed for a partnership with the prestigious Swiss cycling race. Not surprisingly, Zurich was chosen as the location for the first Q36.5 flagship store. The bond with Switzerland is strong and will be further strengthened.

Since its founding in 2013, Q36.5 has been known for its incredibly high standards of quality, innovation and sustainability. With their original ideas, the brand gives the leader jerseys a new and exciting look that stands out from previous years. “Sponsoring the Tour de Suisse is a unique opportunity for Q36.5 to make the brand known to a larger audience in Switzerland,” notes CEO Luigi Bergamo.

The YR2 Jersey as the Tour de Suisse Jersey

Following the opening stage, on Sunday 12th June 2022, the first riders will be dressed in the leader’s jerseys from Q36.5. Through years of experience and research, Q36.5 can provide the athletes with the best quality. The Y R2 Jersey is inspired by the traditional raglan jerseys and was designed after careful studies, both in body mapping and aerodynamics. The raglan jersey benefits from the use and combination of different, strategically placed materials. The result is a lightweight and breathable jersey that offers the best support even on long rides.

In addition to the jerseys for the professional riders, Q36.5 will also produce a Tour de Suisse merchandise collection. All fans of the Tour de Suisse will be able to dress themselves appropriately.


The importance of sustainability is very close to the brand’s core, just as it is to the Tour de Suisse organisation. Q36.5 develops fabrics whose manufacturing process respects and protects nature. The brand sees itself as part of a natural cycle. For this reason, all garments are PFC-free. Producing less waste and short transport routes are also part of the philosophy of the bikewear brand. 95% of the production takes place within a 350 km radius of Q36.5’s headquarters in Bolzano and 100% of the materials used come from Italy. “Our goal is to become the most sustainable multi-stage race by 2026. Q36.5, with its sustainable manufacturing processes, supports us in this endeavour,” says Olivier Senn, director of the Tour de Suisse.

Roland Cogeas Edelweiss Squad

The participation of the women’s team Roland Cogeas Edelweiss Squad in the Tour de Suisse is also encouraging. Since this year, the team from western Switzerland is also wearing jerseys from Q36.5. Ruben Contreras from Vaud founded the team with the aim of offering young female riders a training platform in professional cycling. Caroline Baur is one of the team members – when she is not riding her bike, she can often be found in the Q36.5 flagship store in Zurich.

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