We are ready for 10 days of sun
5. June 2018









The company Glatz from Frauenfeld supports the TdS with shadow solutions.

When all eyes turn to Frauenfeld at the start of the Tour de Suisse on 9 June, a local family business will also be right in the middle of the spectacle. The Glatz company as official sponsor equips the tour of the country with coveted parasols. If one thinks of shadows on the Tour de Suisse, one will think of glitter.

The traditional company Glatz develops, produces and distributes worldwide high-quality sunshades and custom-made large umbrellas with matching accessories. The family business from Thurgau focuses on innovation and development and does not rest comfortably in the slipstream.

The Tour de Suisse and Glatz are united by a love of the country and its people as well as a long history. On both sides marked by passion, hope, disappointment, pride and joy. While the TdS participants focus on strength, fitness, endurance and driving skills, Glatz has been concentrating on optimal shade solutions for more than 120 years. The people of Thurgau are already ahead in patenting and umbrella development.

Let’s hope for sunny weather for the starting weekend in Thurgau – otherwise the parasols will also offer protection from rain.

More information about Glatz products: www.glatz.ch

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