Winter portrait 1/4 – Michael Albasini
29. November 2017









Multiple Tour de Suisse stage winner and spring classics specialist Michael Albasini tells us this month how he trains in winter and his trick against cold feet.

Tour de Suisse: What did you do after your last race? Is there even something like a off-season in today’s racing sport?

Michael Albasini: The off-season has shifted strongly into October for me. The Tour of Lombardy has been my last race on the calendar for a few years now. This fits perfectly with the beginning of my children’s autumn holidays. The very next day I flew with my whole family to Mallorca. We had rented a finca there.

Therefore I always enter November 1st as the official start of training.
This year I have not even touched my bike until then.

TdS: How do you train through the wet/cold winter months?

M.A.: As long as it’s dry, I drive on the road as normal. If it’s wet or snowy I switch to the Quervelo. That way I can get through till Christmas. Then it starts anyway with the team camps somewhere warm.

TdS: Do you find it difficult to motivate yourself for longer trips outside in winter? Or are you dodging the roll?

M.A.: No, not at all. I practically never use the roll, especially not for long trainings.
From time to time I go to Ticino for two training sessions.

TdS: Over all these years, have you developed a special trick against freezing feet?

M.A.: Ignore!

TdS: Your teammates are scattered halfway around the world at home – who do you train with through the winter?

M.A.: In the past, I was usually out and about with Ralph Näf every day, but since he became team manager, I’m mostly on my own. But I have on WhatsApp the group ‘training group east’. There’s Küng, Schelling and Neff. Now and then we actually manage to train together.

TdS: Footballers have to be weighed by the team doctor after the Christmas holidays – what about you? Are you in danger of gaining some fighting weight over the holidays?

M.A.: The training as well as the weight management is my own responsibility. Nobody checks up there. I appreciate this freedom and can therefore keep Christmas well.

TdS: What is your first season goal 2018 which you are working towards?

M.A.: I want to be in top form at the Ardennes Classics.

TdS: Many thanks and we wish you good luck!

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