Winter portrait 3/4: Stefan Küng
23. January 2018









Stefan Küng is back from a longer training camp in the south and talks to us about reading on the roll, training on snowy winter days and what goes through his mind when he has the whole peloton in tow.

Tour de Suisse: Is this impression deceptive or did you realize a little dream this year and really took a break during the Off-Season?
Stefan Küng: Yes, I travelled together with my girlfriend in the Camper during 7 weeks New Zealand. It was MEGA!

TdS: How long have you NOT been cycling overseas?
SK: The first 2 weeks I did not touch the bike. After that I slowly got back into it.

TdS: Do you spend more time on your TT bike, track bike or scooter in winter?
SK: Mostly on my normal road bike, because in winter it is especially important to work out a good basis. I don’t go for that part unless there’s no other way.

TdS: You celebrated your first successes on the track, then you succeeded in the race against time as well as in one-day races and stage victories which you won in classic style. What kind of driver would you characterize yourself as?
SK: I love the time trials and the classics, so that’s what my driver type is like! laugh!

TdS: What goes through your head when you enter the front of the field for your team leader and push unbelievably watt over long distances in front so that the field stretches out and everyone ducks in your slipstream?
SK: I always tell myself that if I’m already pulling the whole bunch behind me, it shouldn’t be too easy in the slipstream, that’s why I sometimes kick especially hard.

TdS: How did the first training camp of the season feel, when – like with your team – there were some changes, new drivers joined etc.?
SK: We had a great camp. The team spirit is extremely good and you can feel that everyone is highly motivated. The newcomers were duly welcomed. laughs!

TdS: Now you spend only a small part of the winter in the south. This winter we have a lot of snow in Switzerland from time to time. How do you train at home?
SK: As long as the roads are not snow-covered, the following applies; pack warmly and unwind normal workload. When it snows, I use the cross-country skis and the quervelo.

TdS: Over all these years, have you developed a special trick against freezing feet?
SK: Fortunately I do not suffer from sensitive feet. The hands are more my problem, so I put 2 pairs on top of each other.

TdS: When you have to get on the roll at home, do you read a book?
And what book would be good for that?
SK: No, definitely not, that would be softened by my sweat. I watch movies or live sports on reel.

TdS: What do you train most through the winter? Persistence? Power? TT technique?
SK: In winter it is all about basic training, so endurance and strength are in the foreground.

TdS: What are you working towards now – what is your first season goal 2018?
SK: Strade Bianchi At the beginning of March I already marked myself red.

TdS: Many thanks to Stefan. We wish you much success & so we are already looking forward to the Strade.

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