Yamaha motorcycles for security services
6. June 2018









Yamaha provides 45 motorcycles to the Tour de Suisse security service.

Yamaha is ensuring safety on the Tour de Suisse – with 45 motorcycles. These are made available to the security service. It guarantees that the racers at the competition can drive on the track without obstacles. Ten minutes before cyclists reach a passage, oncoming traffic is blocked, traffic islands, roundabouts and other obstacles are equipped with security personnel and other safety-relevant precautions are taken. The total closure of the road will then take place five minutes before the passage.

This year 32 Yamaha Tracer 900 and 13 Yamaha XT1200Z will be used. In addition, the hostettler house brand iXS provides the bike clothing for the entire security team. Three weeks before the Tour de Suisse starts, the members of the safety team receive their machine – to break in and get used to it. The automatisms on the motorcycles must be in place until the Tour de Suisse.

Double anniversary

Yamaha celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2018 as motorcycle partner of the Tour de Suisse security service. There are two reasons to be happy: this year the hostettler group is celebrating 50 years of Yamaha imports in Switzerland.

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