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Cycling Unlimited – a new cycling platform for Switzerland

Swiss Cycling, Infront, TORTOUR GmbH and ProTouchGlobal GmbH are building a Swiss cycling platform for everyone. From 2020, CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will be responsible for the Tour de Suisse and other major national cycling events.

A group of major players in the Swiss cycling world are joining forces. Four experienced cycling experts with various specialisms have established CYCLING UNLIMITED AG, headquartered in Grenchen. The participating companies are Swiss Cycling, the national cycling association and rights owner of the Tour de Suisse, Infront, the international sports marketing group, TORTOUR GmbH, which organises ultra-distance cycling and gravel races, and ProTouchGlobal GmbH, the international consultant and organiser of cycling races. The new cycling joint venture will take over the management and marketing of the Tour de Suisse from InfrontRingier. CYCLING UNLIMITED aims to advance cycling and establish a modern, sustainable community platform for everyone who has made cycling a part of their life.

Infront and the tour rights owner Swiss Cycling have found excellent partners in ProTouchGlobal GmbH and TORTOUR GmbH. Together, the companies aim to take the popular national race and its supporting programme to the next level. Olivier Senn, the co-owner of ProTouchGlobal GmbH and former Director of the Tour de Suisse, can draw on a wealth of experience in high-performance cycling. Joko Vogel, the managing director of TORTOUR GmbH, has developed multiple attractive formats for popular cycling. 

Patrick Hunger, the co-president of Swiss Cycling, summarised the strategic initiative as follows: «It is time for the cycling sector to think in terms of ecosystems and create tangible value for cyclists by establishing networks.»

Hans-Peter Zurbrügg, Infront Vice President Personal & Corporate Fitness and board member of InfrontRingier: «Cycling Unlimited perfectly bundles the Swiss-based cycling activities and expertise of the four new joint venture partners.»

The main event of the new platform is the Tour de Suisse. The race around the country allows the initiative to address every target group, as amateurs get the chance to dip their toes into the world of professional cycling during the simultaneous Tour de Suisse Challenge. TORTOUR with its ultra-distance and gravel races completes the current portfolio. The new cycling platform was deliberately designed with the capacity to include future activities, from club excursions and training camps to digital cycling installations.

CYCLING UNLIMITED AG will start operations on 1 July 2019. Olivier Senn and Joko Vogel will jointly manage the endeavour, while Markus Pfisterer, the managing director of Swiss Cycling, will be the chairman of the board of directors. The current core team of the Tour de Suisse, consisting of Célina Rovescala (commercial management), Kurt Betschart (technical management) and David Loosli (sporting management) will be transferred from InfrontRingier to Cycling Unlimited AG in early July 2019. TORTOUR will continue to be managed by Joko Vogel and Mario Klaus.

Within the scope of the foundation of Cycling Unlimited, RINGIER AG intends to assume complete ownership of the former joint venture InfrontRingier. Following the acquisition, the company will be integrated into the Ringier brand portfolio and renamed Ringier Sports AG.



Ueli Anken, 079 638 18 18, media(at)tds.ch



Founders: Joko Vogel/TORTOUR, Hans-Peter Zurbrügg/Infront, Patrick Hunger/Swiss Cycling, Markus Pfisterer/Swiss Cycling, Olivier Senn/ProTouchGlobal, Robert Hunter/ProTouchGlobal

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