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The Trek-Segafredo team’s new helmet at the Tour de Suisse

The professional cyclists at the Tour de Suisse are able to focus entirely on the race, as the roads are closed for the tour. This eliminates the risk of accidents involving other road users during the stages. However, crashes sometimes still occur in the peloton during the race. Aside from the bike itself – which is, after all, the route to the podium – the helmet is a rider’s most important piece of equipment in terms of safety. The Trek-Segafredo team is relying on the latest helmet technology from Bontrager: WaveCel.

It’s not just professionals who are exposed to a certain level of risk when racing or training; enthusiastic amateur cyclists also face the potential for accidents. A few small but effective measures are enough to ensure safe cycling – starting with being seen. With its Be Seen campaign, Trek is promoting a simple measure for increased safety: daytime running lights. They make cyclists visible to other road users from a greater distance. However, the most important measure is protecting your head.

Trek, together with its accessory and apparel brand Bontrager, has just launched a pioneering new helmet technology called WaveCel, which is up to 48 times more effective in preventing concussions caused by common cycling accidents than a conventional EPS foam helmet.

WaveCel is a collapsible cellular material that lines the inside of Bontrager WaveCel helmets. Conventional foam helmets provide protection from direct impact, without any rotation. WaveCel, however, takes into account the way most cycling accidents actually happen – ungracefully, with rotational movement and uneven impact.

WaveCel is able to absorb the impact in a number of ways. On impact, the layers of the WaveCel material move independently and are able to deform until the cell walls are completely compressed; they then shift sideways to actively absorb the impact force and rotational energy, in order to direct them away from the head.

This three-stage change in material structure – flex, crumple, glide – is incredibly effective at distributing the impact. In almost 99 out of 100 cases, WaveCel can prevent concussion in common cycling accidents. WaveCel technology is available in four different Bontrager helmet models, including the XXX model – the new helmet of the Trek-Segafredo team. 


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